Friday, January 29, 2010

禅  ZEN

Time came.

Please meditate.

Please notice you oneself.

Please choose the way of you oneself.

After try.

Your heart is stable .

The energy is come to in your body.
You are stable afterwards.

However, please try it again if a heart becomes unstable.

The great person is not separated from you.

I always try it.

"How to myself"

By shiko

I am

By me

I perform original meditation



  1. It is a joy, a challenge, a help, to read what your hands, your mind to write.
    Love the last picture and the hands of yours, connecting for me, many senses: touch and sight, at least.
    A wonderful Sunday for you.

  2. Dear ρομπερτ
    I thought on their own.
    I am looking for a miracle to me.
    Thank you.