Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stand up for peace! 2nd

Nothing is over.

Stand up for peace!

It is the time to begin.

Please look at the reality.

Have courage to stand up!

I want you to realize ,love , this is what you want to do with your life.

It must be better than not to do anything.

Do what you can do.

Stand up against what you see in front of you.

Please, do together what we can.

I can't take my mind off this image.

Because it may happen to us someday.

Stand up and walk on. by shiko


  1. I agree, Shiko! We should all do our part to reach the ultimate goal of world peace! I love the images you've posted, especially the rose. <3


  2. Thank you so very much for this entry of yours.
    A rose in my mind as well tonight.
    On Sunday.
    Thank you again very much.

  3. Great blog. Peace is a concept we should constantly strive for. And now, given the current devastation in Haiti, Charity should be on our minds too. To everyone out there, please give what you can to help these poor people.

  4. To Cloudia
    To Rei
    To ρομπερτ
    To mtnbiker404
    Thanks everyone.
    I am happy the help from everybody.
    Cancer is a disease that gives me anxiety.
    But i'm very happy now.
    Becouse everybody give good comment

    I cried loudly to sky
    I hope my voice to everyone arrives.
    I will live my best.