Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why am I here?

I'm from a planet "MU". People on the planet don't understand
any languages on the earth.

We don't have emotion.

We have rainbow-colored body.

Body parts are assembled with aura radiating from a box when we go out.

Shopping colors are green, red and yellow, for example.

And we don't have any language.

Numbers are used instead of word.

The numbers are also taken from the box.


58 is Fight.      

26 is to destroy.

24 is Money.

11 is Friend.

32 is Hesitation.

75 is Quarrel.

86 is a lie.

53 is Happiness.    

07 is Job.

91 is to eat

We haven't finished to make a heart of cosmic consciousness.

I came to observe human emotions.

I am in water not to be found that iam an alien.

I am assembling emotion parts for tomorrow.

This hard work will have finished by 47 o'clock.

Why am I here?

The earth is the highest level of "Thinking about Escape" in all the creatures in universe.

Help,protection and looking for your lover.103 is chosen.

You will realize it somewhere.

By shiko


  1. wow. eventhough i dont understand everything you're saying but those words were nice :)

  2. Beautiful images and writing as always, Shiko! I don't think you give yourself enough credit with your English. It is very good!


  3. To Coco様

    出会いに 感謝します。

  4. Dear Rei

    I feel that I have lived with you in the same star.
    Thank you.

  5. Hello.

    Thank you.
    My friend.

    00is one love