Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great love for earth.

Thanks for the great love.

I feel the love from Sirius.Because I'm alive.

Earth is need the love.

I have a deep love doing them.

Because I'm alive.

I will be go to Sirius someday.

Great love for earth.

Let's make peace together. 
by shiko

Saturday, January 30, 2010

1,000 wishes ~~ poem

I continue loving you.

But I cannot meet you now.

My body don't have color now.

"1,000 wishes"

The promise with you is my future.

Therefore I never forget it.

Please believe it.

I revive like phoenix.


I send it from here .

"1,000 wishes "


I continue loving you.

True love to you.

By shiko

Friday, January 29, 2010

禅  ZEN

Time came.

Please meditate.

Please notice you oneself.

Please choose the way of you oneself.

After try.

Your heart is stable .

The energy is come to in your body.
You are stable afterwards.

However, please try it again if a heart becomes unstable.

The great person is not separated from you.

I always try it.

"How to myself"

By shiko

I am

By me

I perform original meditation


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Earth story - feeling〜〜  poem

What do you stare at?

What do you eat?

What do you smell?

What do you hear?


What are you going to catch with both arms?

Where are you going to with both legs?

Please teach me.

I do not understand me.

I do not understand me

I do not understand me

What can i do now.

My soul still wanders in the three dimensions.

Why i was born

Why ~

by shiko

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About shiko〜 I believe me

SHIKO had been helping people for 25 years in Indonesia.
She sucseeded in many projects to make a dream come true,World Peace.

Foreign media scooped her and her contribution is getting more important in the world.

SHIKO is still working hard even though she must face cancer.

More people who agree her projects are raising their hands to her 50yen charity drive.

This is Japanese 50yen.

50 yen is not enough even to buy sweets in Japan.
Ordinary Japanese children are given 10,000-50,000yen per month by their parents.
It's about 100-500dollars.

SHIKO is asking for 50yen or 0.5cent out of these amount of money.
The donation shall be used to help children in the world.
She is not a member of any group.
She is doing alone .And she said.

Never give up ! is my spirit for Love&Peace I'm living life like that.
I'm honoured because I can communicate with people around the world through blog.

My family said to me "Enjoy your life as much as you want!".
My peace movement has started just now again.

Flower art.  Butou.  A shaman. Reiki. Space communication。
I start for a peace movement.

I am making it now.  


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As for every 52 seconds.
I want to feel the light of a blue color


A heroine warms a hand over the stage

My position
It is a fairy taking a blue color.

Perhaps you are troubled.
It will be hard to find it out

Because it is a secret entrance to three situation of here.

Please do not make a mistake.
It is a blue spotlight to be necessary for me

I need the blue color of your star.

I let the dance of my fairy fuse in the blue color of your star.

The earth will have new consciousness 。

(New earth start.)

by shiko

Monday, January 25, 2010

C. H. N. S. P. O + ?

Now tears the space-time.

It makes now with a future opening.

My six elements change then.

C. H. N. S. P. O
      A mystery element increases.

Earth consciousness expands it to space consciousness.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mari & Sam

How are you?
Mari&Sam .
I do not understand the words of you.
But I know it.

Watching me.
Protecting me.
And waiting for me
But I'm sorry.

I cannot return now.

However, the existence of you is necessary for me.

Therefore I send my big love.

by shiko

Friday, January 22, 2010

start work

Today I went to the studio.

I start work here.

Dancer Swoop from USA

He is a famous dancer in the world.
He is doing the choreography of the famous artist.
My dream is to sessions with him.


D.J Kon
I was surprised by his technique.

This is Shibuya, Tokyo.

The owner is very nice.
He gave me a job.

I said to him.
"I am a cancer.
But I will do my best to work. "
Shaman Shiko
Butoh Shiko.
Start from here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BC world Aaaa~~

Metallic sound.

Kiiiii Ddd

I close my eyes.

I feel.

BC world.

Aaa ~ ~

I am full of tears.

I saw the love of truth.


Energy received from ancient Egypt.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why am I here?

I'm from a planet "MU". People on the planet don't understand
any languages on the earth.

We don't have emotion.

We have rainbow-colored body.

Body parts are assembled with aura radiating from a box when we go out.

Shopping colors are green, red and yellow, for example.

And we don't have any language.

Numbers are used instead of word.

The numbers are also taken from the box.


58 is Fight.      

26 is to destroy.

24 is Money.

11 is Friend.

32 is Hesitation.

75 is Quarrel.

86 is a lie.

53 is Happiness.    

07 is Job.

91 is to eat

We haven't finished to make a heart of cosmic consciousness.

I came to observe human emotions.

I am in water not to be found that iam an alien.

I am assembling emotion parts for tomorrow.

This hard work will have finished by 47 o'clock.

Why am I here?

The earth is the highest level of "Thinking about Escape" in all the creatures in universe.

Help,protection and looking for your lover.103 is chosen.

You will realize it somewhere.

By shiko