Friday, October 29, 2010

She was my friend, a tarot reader.

Is there anything that you can believe?

Sometimes it happens that there's nothing left after you believe something right and devote yourself to it.
Even if you want to think them back again, you can't find any piece of them left after broke in a moment .

She committed suicide.
People in distress has no words.
She used to say,

Finding yourself ? That thing is a fake.
How can you be so naive?
Fortunetelling is just a way of making money.
You can find yourself as you die.

How can you help people find themselves even though you can't find yourself?
Isn't it ridiculous? Great people who create this society know themselves.

You see? You can't see yourself because you can't see the others.
Because they are selfish.
She was my friend, a tarot reader.

She committed suicide because she chose to do so as a part of her life not because she wanted to escape from something.
Instead of words, suicide was an assertion for her .

She will change our existing fortunetelling from heaven.

I believe so.

By shaman shiko


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steady or unsteady

Steady or unsteady

Do we who have lives on the earth need necessity?

by shaman shiko

I will send shaman power

I will send shaman power to you all from here.

Don't hesitate to take my magic to make your wishes come true.

By shaman shiko


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sand of universe.

I gather sands of universe every full moon.

I'm holding the sand in my hand now.

It's so warm.

Feel like covered with white silk veil when touch with the right hand.

Feel like the body is floating in air.

I will show you the sand at my workshop.

by shaman shiko


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pursuit of beauty ~REIKI BY SHIKO~ 2

I see me.

Beauty of mind

Beauty of body

And, to the beauty of the earth

I keep seeing me.

by shaman shiko

Monday, October 25, 2010

To smile tomorrow.

Shaman Shiko put some consciousness of love into white rose coffee.

Unexpectedly, this gonna make your love go nice.

Your heart will be getting warm if you keep watching it.

You will not expect to cry.

I sometimes go out to buy white roses when feel strong loneliness.

I enjoy drinking the coffee and beauty of white rose.

To smile tomorrow.

By shaman shiko


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I 'm looking for the way

I can't exceed your ability but can understand you.

Which means that nobody can't change the law of macrocosmos.

But a new condition to make the law shall be ready when you understand me.

I 'm looking for the way to go in this dimension to create a new evolutionism.

By shaman shiko



Began to meditate.

I'm already Shaman.

And a few hours
I will discover love and peace.

By shaman shiko

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


People in J102 lamented.

“Why we don’t have money?”

“Jayack dhe”

“Nayack dhe”

Then, three shaman appeared.

“Cahsgal Jayack”



The people pointed to green leaves in front of them.

Shamans was trying to change leaves into money.

We are often consulted on the money matters. I think,
If green leaves were money, they would be named as Organic Money, which is watered under the sun.

If my devotions can change leaves into money, I feel like to try it.

But even if leaf itself doesn’t change, strong feeling will get into the leaf.

The possibility of luck with money will be raised nearly up to 100%

when you take this leaf as TALISMAN "a charm".

I call it the absolute vibration of prayer, which leads many problems to good ones.

    By shaman shiko


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The initiation

In 1592, Five princesses in the ancient Japanese province called Yamato were looking up the sky.

It seems that they looked up the sky every day and night.

In this time, all the people were looking up the sky together.

However, eight months later,

People began to pass by ignoring the princesses, who just didn’t do anything but continued to sit down and stand up keeping eyes on the sky quietly.

Only water from the sky was what they took in.

And natural breathing too.

What they did was

look up the sky, stand up and sit down without moving to anywhere else.

“Gyagsyu wajah”

Suddenly, four princesses left that place because of this noise.

“Gyagsyu wajah” “Gyagsyu wajah”

“Gyagsyu wajah”

Though the noise didn’t stop, only one prince kept looking up the sky as usual without moving.

But he finally noticed unfamiliar atmosphere and began breathing differently from the way he did usually.

Then the noise stopped.

And time space was cleaved at the same time.

Then seven lights streamed from the sky.

The princess closed his eyes for the first time after looking up the sky for a long time.

This is the beginning of Motion and Calm.

The princess opened his eyes slowly.

He found that an angel tried to reach out to him there.

He laid his hands on hers.

A chosen one from the earth in 1592

A chosen one from the cosmos in 0000

This two chosen ones are cleaning the solar system and the galaxy expanding consciousness with cosmic expansion.

They will never stop giving the initiation for infinite cosmic love.

     By shaman shiko


Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Level=K

Consciousness Level=F

Time Level=K

These levels are virtual images on this planet.

As percentage of F indicates 80,

existence of K makes nonsense.


As percentage of K indicates 55,

existence of K shows extreme.

Therefore, there are difficult questions about time on this planet.

By shaman shiko


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I sometimes think

I'm a human.

I sometimes think

what happens if my arms are exchanged for your wings.

Why? I wish if it happens only once,

I want to fly with your wings and look over my world.

Have nice dreams, everyone.

Good night

By shaman shiko


Friday, October 15, 2010

Bushidō (武士道)

Bushidō (武士道), meaning "Way of the Warrior", is a name in common usage since the late 19th century which is used to describe a uniquely Japanese code of conduct adhered to by samurai since time immemorial, and loosely analogous to Western concepts of chivalry. This code is said to have emphasized virtues such as loyalty, honor, obedience, duty, filial piety, and self-sacrifice.
Although Chinese-derived Confucian concepts such as loyalty and filial piety were certainly extolled in Japanese texts from the medieval period, the actual term bushidō is extremely rare in ancient texts, and does not even appear in famous texts supposedly describing this code, such as the Hagakure of Yamamoto Tsunetomo. Moreover, although at various points in Japanese history certain feudal lords promulgated prescriptive "House Codes" to guide the actions of their retainers, there never existed a single, unified "samurai code" which all Japanese warriors adhered to or were even aware of.
The first person to popularize the term bushidō was Japanese author Nitobe Inazō, a converted Quaker living in Philadelphia and married to an American wife, in his 1899 book Bushidō: The Soul of Japan, which was originally written and published in English and only later translated into Japanese. In this work, Inazō scoured Japanese tradition in an effort to recover an indigenous code of behavior analogous to the Western ideal of chivalry, which he then embedded with his own Christian ideology. Although Nitobe presented this concept as a timeless Japanese tradition which he had simply been taught as a child, he obscured his own numerous interpolations and extrapolations, and his efforts to unite diverse strands of Shintō and Buddhist teachings into a single unified code. Upon publication Nitobe's work was a massive success, and has returned to Japanese best-seller lists on numerous occasions (most recently in early 2004 following the release of the American film The Last Samurai), and the term quickly entered into widespread use in both Japanese and Western texts from that time


        By shaman shiko


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I start distant healing.

I got an email from my friend's mother asking me to do shaman work.

I don't want to die

I don't want to die

I don't want to die

This is the sentence written at the end.

I have the same illness.

I replied.

Please devote one red flower to only god you believe.

Now, I start distant healing.

If she believes god and herself,
her breath will never stop.

Let's begin.

By shaman shiko

" Translation:kuria"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

like you.

I want to have a chat with you, Sam.

Mom got something to ask you.

Get up, Marie.
Do you race faster than me?

I fed up with human world and now want to have a tail like you.

By shaman shiko

Hey, why am I alive?

Hey, why am I alive?

No answer for it.

Cat is so gentle.

A mail starting with "Hey" grabbed my heart.

I really want to be a cat.


Do you need to take some time?

May I have some time to exchange consciousness?

by shaman shiko