Friday, June 26, 2009


I con't forget forever

I slways thinkinng about this

I hope all members are equal.


I try to movement for peace until ???


Just look


Just prayer

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love and peace

please look.

The rose talks.

Will you see fairies?


where are you now.

Tokyo is rain today.

I practice dancing.

It is a dance to which cancer improves.

The mind is quietened now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To shaman

[Heya-katto] : for me.

Meditation beginning

aryyu zagyuu attu

Shaman start


Dances with space are united.

My consideration, revolution, and expansion

My basis

However, it lives.

It only lives.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For the future

This is a festival of the boy in Japan.

It is said < SEKKU >.

It is on May 5 every year.

I sometimes become like the baby.

I want sometimes to return to baby's brain.

For the creation in the futur

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Please give one love to me.

I feel it.

I am not when I fear the death.

It is because all members are equal.

I fear living.

It is because all members are unequal.

Please give one love to me.

I want to give children equality.  

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tattoo is the same as Magic

I have tatoos on my fifty years old body.The tatoo tells a power to me sometimes.

Sanskrit and Arabic on my body is making friends each other for twenty years.

My tatoo is for beauty , peace and MAI.

Rose and butterfly.Thunder and musical note.

It makes me special with unique Bali colour.

I want to try other tattoos until I abondon my body.

I have a deep meaning for my tatto.
I need a spell to call it.I can't find the key because I have locked for a year and half.
If a rainbow colour batterfly is on my left wrist in the middle of October , the spell comes out.

Tattoo is the same as Magic.
But reality is self assertiveness.


I can

I am a contemporary dancer ,SHIKO.

I'm 52 years old and people say that I look like being in 40s.

My daughter tole me that.

I don't feel lonely, hardship or sorrow now.

I was ready to die a year and half ago.

I abondoned my children.

They have different fathers.

My mother says she loves my children.

I was not busy with my job.I was good in health.I was not rich.

I wanted to be disturbed by anybody.

I left Japan for Indonesia to do volunteer.

My youngest child cried looking at me.

I told good bye.
I didn't hug or tell good words.
I did all I could do for Indonesia and forgot about my family in Japan.

All I had was only half a million yen to travel Bali to Djakarta.
I made friends. A eight year old child taught me how to speak Indonesian.

Please prepare your hankerchiel,world.
This is the story of comedy , hardship, sorrow and etc.

A book will be published soon in Japan.

I hope you are reading this.

For my peace movement.

One hour hs past since I started writing.

Let's enjoy my time. It is what I chose to do.

Such a mother came back to Japan!
Family was happy? surprised?pucker?

My eighty four mother was right.

I was caught in a cancer.

I started abusing everything after that.

I mailed to my members of WIDIA and children in Indonesia.

I rejected everything.

I wanted to die many time with consciousness of the loser.

I analyzed myself.
I was suffered for bitterness and sorrow.

Somethig happeded in Indonesia is happening now again.
I wanted someone to help me.
There waa a flower.It was a present from my youngest child.
I was looking at it.

I realized suddenly.

I huged my family ,not anyone else.

I abondeded my children twice.

I make my body to learn MAI.

My friend named my dance "MAI of life"

My volunteer spirit is never finished yet.

I do it because nobody does it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It listens by eyes

It sees by the ear

                           I write a sound

a volunteer in Japan.

This is a volunteer in Japan.

I was doing the radiation therapy.

I was frightened.

However, the god gave me courage.

The child laughed.

The child touched my hand and face


I expressed my gratitude.

And, I swore it to the god.

I fight against cancer.

I am not defeated at cancer.

For the deprived child

For the global peace.

This is two years ago.

Welcome here

Welcome here.


I confirm your existance here.

This is the evidence of my existance at the same time.

The time has come.

Syncretic our consciousness is existing for the world peace.