Monday, January 28, 2013

a multiplex human

I am not a multiplex human of integrity.

However, I sometimes create a multiplex human of integrity.

They are because they free me from earthawareness.

I after the liberation can confirm your subconsciousness.

Do you not create youtoo?

             Prayer shiko


Sunday, January 27, 2013

般若心経 | hannya shingyō | heart sutra(再生リスト)




 C   H     N    S    P   O



Friday, January 25, 2013

For new birth of the earth.

I know all me. 

The way which I walk is decided. It is already a past. 

Therefore I came here to come across new earth phenomenon. 

I want to report a chosen great human being. 

For new birth of the earth.

                                          prayer shiko


シュッタ カルッツァ マ サッリュウって言う言葉聞いた事ある人いませんか?


               prayer shiko


2013-01-14 - Indosiar - Adam Lambert Interview -


I was surprised. I lived in Bali.
I performed a volunteer in Indonesia for 25 years.
The support to an orphan home.
An earthquake of May, 2006.
An earthquake of July, 2006. Others.
I sent a support material to each place.
However, my body was attacked then by a cancer.
Then I said good-bye in volunteer life of 25 years and went back to my own country.
I continued appealing for peace and equality after the operation of cancer through Facebook. However, a depressed mental state continued and felt uneasiness in the future and abandoned all.

One day I watched Adam in You Tube. 
As for me, tears did not stop by an impression and thanks for his voice.
Adam is God for me.
I want to send his voice to the cancer patient.
It intends to assume it my mission.
I think Adam to have to continue singing forever.
I believe in his existence purely.

                                         Prayer  shiko

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes


彼は 日本に行く........2月....


waahhhhhh I'm going to Japan with my tour! 
February 19, 20 & 21 Tokyo
February 23: Kanazawa
February 25:  Nagoya
February 26: Osaka
See ya there?! 

是非 日本の皆様、彼の声から何かを感じてください。

            Prayer shiko

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My brain.

The birth is proof of the end.

The death is proof of the openings.

The beginning of the phenomenon world is createdin the earth.

Thereforethis phenomenon can coordinate your brain.

To you who notice.
I report it to you who refuse adjustment from thegovernment of a certain country.

Give me an answer.
Let's send new brain to you.


       prayer shiko

5,012 years. Shiko. Existence position confirmation

Did you confirm your future existence?

You who live only now are lonely.

Shall I focus on future you who are near?

Andplease notice the purple meaning that I have.

I wait in future space........

                                         prayer shiko.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ひらひらひらひら シュ〜ル シュ〜ル シュ〜

もう 戻れない日々を 白バラにたくす
その白バラの花びらが ひらひらひら

未来に向かう私は 何をまとって生きていけばいいんだろう
未来に向かうこの意識は どう変化するんだろう

もう 戻れない日々が 私は愛おしい
愛おしい 愛おしい

もう 戻れない場所を 深い霧が包む
その深い霧が シュ〜ル シュ〜ル シュ〜

來世への架け橋へ立つ私に 行動に感情が侵入するのだろうか
來世への架け橋へ立つ私に 意識革命が必要なのだろうか

もう戻れない場所が 私は愛おしい
愛おしい 愛おしい

ひらひらひらひら シュ〜ル シュ〜ル シュ〜
ひらひらひらひら シュ〜ル シュ〜ル シュ〜
           Prayer shiko

Welcome home.

I waited for you as always.

Our contact only for once a year.

I am wrapped in your wing.

I feel the best happiness.

And I give you ground love.

This space will be dyed rainbow color by my both hands and your wing.

            Prayer shiko