Friday, November 19, 2010

Space of shiko~Volunteer in Indonesia~

I organized a concert in Singaraja in 1998.
Singaraja is situated in eastern Bali, which is known as the island of Hinduism and is said to be “the last paradise”.
People in Singaraja have faiths in Catholic and Islam that isn’t popular in Bali.
And what I was surprised about mysterious Singaraja was the statue of sleeping Buddha, which means there are some Buddhists too.
I had friends of Islam, Hindu and Catholic there. But I had no difficulties in being together with them besides food problems.
One day, I told the friend of Catholic about my willingness to hold a concert for orphan homes. He didn’t take my words seriously and said that it was so difficult for Japanese to organize an event in Singaraja.
But honestly, I couldn’t accept his words, so I visited all the orphan homes in Singaraja by myself and met their directors to tell my passion.
Thankfully, the directors were agreed with my idea so I got lots to do for the concert after that.
First, I had to get an appointment to meet face-to-face with the governor to get permission of the concert. This is incredible job for me Japanese.
I thought the government didn’t take care of people like me who were volunteering only for ordinary citizens.
But my wish came true.
I could meet the governor.
This is my first job with the government in Indonesia.
On the day of the concert, three thousands of people gathered.
Admission fee was 1000RP. It is about 50yen at the time.
I donated all the money we got to orphan homes in Singaraja.
I really appreciate my friends who came to help us all the way from Japan.
Thank you again. Thank you very much.
I am very happy if you all think this concert to be nice and unforgettable.
I visited 50 or more orphan homes and hugged children.
I gave them presents too. Pencils, notebooks, clothes, shoes and toys etc.
I used grant to buy some foods like eggs, noodles, rice, flour as we visit orphan homes and sometimes donated it to build extra room of orphan homes.
On the last day in Bali, my friends held a party for me.。
I can’t forget that my friend band played SMOOTH by Santana for me.
All my friends were crying and I said farewell in Hindu.
Later, I left Bali, the Hindu island and moved to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
The rest of my life in Indonesia was …,
Well, I will write the story some day.

peace movement activist "Kayoko Koga"

Translation " Kuria"   



  1. Your life story is fascinating, Shiko.

  2. Dear Lorna B. Walker

    I met the biggest event.

    It prepares it now.

    I will talk one of these days.

    The truth is only one.
    The life is once.

    The person in the world might be surprised.