Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We say~

The earth is a living entity.

The earth breathes.

The earth fuses with a microcosm.

Therefore, please be in love with the earth.

I pray for existence of the earth called immortality.

Because it is the earth for human beings by the human being.


By shaman shiko

Monday, August 29, 2011

The new earth.

In this situation the earth will become extinct naturally.

A human being needs a consciousness revolution now.

Let's contact the hyperspace afterwards.
A great person begins to move.

Therefore I do a meeting for earth maintenance.

Do not you participate in this plan to make the new earth?

   By shaman shiko

I pray

I pray so that New York is settled down.

I continue sending shaman power.

    From shaman shiko

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't give up living your life.

That flower you gave me at that time!

What?...You don't remember it?

Well, five years has past since then.

You should know that the life of love grows bigger and bigger in the world I live now.

Try to go a river near your place on this sunday.

Someone will come to give you a flower, I'm sure.

Remember to say Yes at this time.
Because I have this big grown love.

It is you who grows it this time.
Promise me.

Don't give up living your life.

By shaman shiko

Friday, August 26, 2011

Stand up for peace!

Nothing is over.

Stand up for peace!

It is the time to begin.

Please look at the reality.

Have courage to stand up!

I want you to realize ,love , this is what you want to do with your life.

It must be better than not to do anything.

Do what you can do.

Stand up against what you see in front of you.

Please, do together what we can.

I can't take my mind off this image.


Because it may happen to us someday.

Stand up and walk on.

By shaman shiko

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I go to meet me of the previous existence.

I go to meet me of the previous existence now.

I perform this by a special method.

Why must I understand oneself of the previous existence? 
It judges need or having no need by a temporal life form.

I must choose a very important thing in the life of my own.

There is not the door of the solution in this world.

There is only the place that can be complacent in this dimension.

Therefore, I hit my consciousness to previous existence while being proportional to the speed of the light.

I of the previous existence wait there.

And it will be to lead my consciousness that went unsolved to the supreme bliss.

        By shaman shiko

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please wait in< 00000> space.

I came back from the stage of fairies to my space.


I feel an accident in my space.

I close my eyes.
And I go to the library of the sky.
I meet me who have one small purple thick book by my hand.
I read.

Please do not be surprised

There is only this one page of a thick book.

It is written in this way.

All phenomena are over and the new phenomenon opens a curtain.

To a chosen earthian. Please wait in 00000 space.

By shaman shiko

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am a shaman.

I am a shaman.

I am a shaman.

I do a dance while doing space communication.

And my consciousness watches the earth.

    By shaman shiko

Monday, August 15, 2011

A fantasy and truth

その他の意識が 紫が漂う蝶々に見える

私の真理は 数億の真っ白な蚕の中のたったひとつ


今 その真理は 確実に創作され始め 私は 紫を喪失し
蚕のまま 0の空間に 移動を始めている

真理 0

      By shaman shiko

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My subconsciousness.

I thought about an interesting equation.

The figure is not used.

This is my subconsciousness.


I am sometimes a man though I am a woman.

Woman = man = shiko=shaman

By shaman shiko

Summer X'mas

I want you to feel something from this write-up.

Started to snow suddenly.
A mere twelve year-old girl spontaneously looked up the sky.

Fluffy white snow.

The girl didn't leave the leafy park where nobody was.
She was spreading her hands trying to catch the snow.

Watching snow on her hands, she wondered why snow disappears.
She wanted to take it back home.

The girl had a mother who was ill at home.
Her girl had been seriously ill for six years.
The mother couldn't get it over no matter how much she took medicine and how many times she went to hospital.

Girl walked backward staring at her mother and left the house .
Mother was coughing worse than usual.Fever was higher than usual.
She couldn't drink cooled hot water and was suffering so much.

Girl finally reached to the park panting because she kept running for about two kilometers.
She remembered a thing.

Mother said,
"Snow,I want to eat pure white snow." "That is a present from the god.It's a special medicine."

It started to snow earlier than usual season.
Do you think her wish came true?

The girl tried to pile up the unexpecting snow falling down on her hands.

After that, she sat down on the ground looking beautiful snow piling up around her.

"It is so cold."

Girl found out,
found out that she can't keep the snow on her hands because of body heat.
Then, she lay on the ground thinking about her mother.

Snow started to pile up on girl's body.
She couldn't feel cold any more.

This miracle snow happened through girl's warm affection.
This miracle snow didn't stay on her hand but only on her cold body.

"MOM,snow." "I have the medicine in the park."

She was happy.

She closed her eyes peacefully blowing a kiss with her little hands.
She was looking the sky and smiling on the ground.

By shaman shiko

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beauty of space

絶対なる意識から証明された宇宙美が ここに証明され始めている。

あらゆる分野での 美の追求は行われているが

今 驚くべき衝撃が貴方の意識 また肉体を襲うであろう。

全世界の体験者の写真と意識膨張後の肉体美 意識美に関しましての幕開けを考えています。

     By shaman shiko

P.s I am shaman .I can make beauty life for the earth.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Japanese  <舞> mai

It is a day of the dance today.

shiko thinks about clothes of the dance.

Japanese  <舞> mai

It dances by energy from space.

The title of the dance is a flow of the black.

The global peace while praying

        By shaman shiko