Friday, January 25, 2013

2013-01-14 - Indosiar - Adam Lambert Interview -


I was surprised. I lived in Bali.
I performed a volunteer in Indonesia for 25 years.
The support to an orphan home.
An earthquake of May, 2006.
An earthquake of July, 2006. Others.
I sent a support material to each place.
However, my body was attacked then by a cancer.
Then I said good-bye in volunteer life of 25 years and went back to my own country.
I continued appealing for peace and equality after the operation of cancer through Facebook. However, a depressed mental state continued and felt uneasiness in the future and abandoned all.

One day I watched Adam in You Tube. 
As for me, tears did not stop by an impression and thanks for his voice.
Adam is God for me.
I want to send his voice to the cancer patient.
It intends to assume it my mission.
I think Adam to have to continue singing forever.
I believe in his existence purely.

                                         Prayer  shiko

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