Sunday, November 14, 2010

street performance for love and peace

I arrived at the west exit of Shinjuku station at 10am."THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 2010"

I sent a drop of love to the disadvantaged children in Ghana.

I had been asking people strolling around there for contributions until 4pm.

Thank you for your donation to the children in Africa!

Thank you for your donation!

I seldom yell out like that.

Many kinds of people made contributions for us but

some people stopped in front of us and said "You gonna save Japan first" ,"What gonna those money be used for? "

I thought it would rain that day at 2 pm.

But clouds didn't shut out the sunlight.

It was so hot.

Sweated so much that I couldn't wipe it with my towel anymore.

"Hey, hang on!" "Nobody do that!"

Everytime I heard the voice, I was happy with being a Shaman, a peace movement activist.

And later,I decided to do street performance for love and peace.

By shaman shiko



  1. Bless you, Shiko.
    love and peace, Lorna

  2. Dear Lorna B. Walker

    Thank you for your very kindness to me.


    紫香 ”shiko"

  3. Selfless work for the others is like a prayer to God. Love and Peace.

  4. To Kind Spirit

    I am always praying.