Friday, November 26, 2010

The dance of fairies. "Space of shiko"

I couldn’t dance for my volunteer job very well before, but

I don’t wanna say that it is because of my illness, cancer.

It was the worst condition to dance after ovariectomy and lymphadenectomy

of the hip.

Misalignment of the bone in neck was found after that.

Doctor doesn’t recommend me to dance any more but I can’t stop it now.

This happened three years ago.

I was afraid because all of my life in the past started to vanish because of the cancer so I chose not to depend on my consciousness as though I am so good at revolutionize my consciousness, that was because I felt so troublesome to think about my illness any more.

The same thing happened on that day too.

After looking up the sky lying on the grass for few hours being in a daze,

I felt comfortable with something suddenly.

I met fairies on the grass on the ground

Fairies put on many spherical accessories.

Many things happened there but I can’t tell you that.

But I can only tell you about the dance of fairies.

The dance expresses beauty of the universe

They dance slowly like they sweep the universe and look for something in the air, which made me feel peace and beauty I’ve never seen before.

I wish to dance like fairly as long as I am alive on this planet.

By shaman shiko

"Translation Kuria"