Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She kept saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

A girl A. I have just finished reading her future.

She allowed me to write about her.

What she wanted to know was "How to change myself for my boyfriend"

While the reading, she continued to talk as if I couldn't give my words to her.
She was completely different from herself in her previous life.

What she is doing to him now is...



3  diet

4 side business


Money she earned was spent for him.
She needed tens of thousands yen for diet.

I thought that fortune-telling was not worth being told to her.

Marriage is not a right way because I saw a divorce.

I wanted her to remember her previous life.
I felt a deep sorrow of her who satisfied with devoting herself into anything for boyfriend.

I started telling her about her previous life.
"Long long time ago, you were........"

Sorry, I can't tell you more.

Then, I showed her this image.

She was crying and trying to say something and
I clearly heard the voice of "I will stop diet".

And she kept saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

I'll see her next week.
I can tell her a nice future next time.

Thank you A, thank you for allowing me to write about you.
I really appreciate you chose Shiko as your fortune teller.


 by shaman shiko



  1. Hi. Are you a fortuneteller and really can see for future?

  2. To HFong_宅本翼

    I'm shaman.

    I can see future.

  3. Hello


    Please E-mail if you want to see you.