Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~Chasing the real love~

I want you to feel something from this write-up.

Started to snow suddenly.
A mere twelve year-old girl spontaneously looked up the sky.

Fluffy white snow.

The girl didn't leave the leafy park where nobody was.
She was spreading her hands trying to catch the snow.

Watching snow on her hands, she wondered why snow disappears.
She wanted to take it back home.

The girl had a mother who was ill at home.
Her girl had been seriously ill for six years.
The mother couldn't get it over no matter how much she took medicine and how many times she went to hospital.

Girl walked backward staring at her mother and left the house .
Mother was coughing worse than usual.Fever was higher than usual.
She couldn't drink cooled hot water and was suffering so much.

Girl finally reached to the park panting because she kept running for about two kilometers.
She remembered a thing.

Mother said,
"Snow,I want to eat pure white snow." "That is a present from the god.It's a special medicine."

It started to snow earlier than usual season.
Do you think her wish came true?

The girl tried to pile up the unexpecting snow falling down on her hands.

After that, she sat down on the ground looking beautiful snow piling up around her.

"It is so cold."

Girl found out,
found out that she can't keep the snow on her hands because of body heat.
Then, she lay on the ground thinking about her mother.

Snow started to pile up on girl's body.
She couldn't feel cold any more.

This miracle snow happened through girl's warm affection.
This miracle snow didn't stay on her hand but only on her cold body.

"MOM,snow." "I have the medicine in the park."

She was happy.

She closed her eyes peacefully blowing a kiss with her little hands.
She was looking the sky and smiling on the ground.

by kayoko

P.S It has been three years since I came back to Japan after taken with illness.
I'm suffering from cancer and remember children who was crying out for medicines.
This is why I started 50 yen fund-raising.

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