Wednesday, October 20, 2010


People in J102 lamented.

“Why we don’t have money?”

“Jayack dhe”

“Nayack dhe”

Then, three shaman appeared.

“Cahsgal Jayack”



The people pointed to green leaves in front of them.

Shamans was trying to change leaves into money.

We are often consulted on the money matters. I think,
If green leaves were money, they would be named as Organic Money, which is watered under the sun.

If my devotions can change leaves into money, I feel like to try it.

But even if leaf itself doesn’t change, strong feeling will get into the leaf.

The possibility of luck with money will be raised nearly up to 100%

when you take this leaf as TALISMAN "a charm".

I call it the absolute vibration of prayer, which leads many problems to good ones.

    By shaman shiko


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