Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The initiation

In 1592, Five princesses in the ancient Japanese province called Yamato were looking up the sky.

It seems that they looked up the sky every day and night.

In this time, all the people were looking up the sky together.

However, eight months later,

People began to pass by ignoring the princesses, who just didn’t do anything but continued to sit down and stand up keeping eyes on the sky quietly.

Only water from the sky was what they took in.

And natural breathing too.

What they did was

look up the sky, stand up and sit down without moving to anywhere else.

“Gyagsyu wajah”

Suddenly, four princesses left that place because of this noise.

“Gyagsyu wajah” “Gyagsyu wajah”

“Gyagsyu wajah”

Though the noise didn’t stop, only one prince kept looking up the sky as usual without moving.

But he finally noticed unfamiliar atmosphere and began breathing differently from the way he did usually.

Then the noise stopped.

And time space was cleaved at the same time.

Then seven lights streamed from the sky.

The princess closed his eyes for the first time after looking up the sky for a long time.

This is the beginning of Motion and Calm.

The princess opened his eyes slowly.

He found that an angel tried to reach out to him there.

He laid his hands on hers.

A chosen one from the earth in 1592

A chosen one from the cosmos in 0000

This two chosen ones are cleaning the solar system and the galaxy expanding consciousness with cosmic expansion.

They will never stop giving the initiation for infinite cosmic love.

     By shaman shiko


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