Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello. To Earthling

Hello. Earthling

I had a fever a little.

However, it is safe from today.

It is my lunch.

The practice of an original dance will be started tomorrow.

By shiko


  1. The hot dog looks yummy, Shiko! And you look lovely as always! Glad to hear that you're over your fever! <3 :)


  2. Very Nice blog with Lovely Pics and Video.

    Reiki, Meditation, Spirituality... very great tools for both inner and outer: streanth, balance, development, peace, health... Helps to Make beautiful innerself and outerself.

    As your pictures say... I wish you are such inner beauty as you look beautiful in your pictures.

    Wish you Great Life!

    With Warm Regards... Ashutosh. |

  3. To Ashutosh Prajapati

    Thank you.

    I wish to express gratitude for your comment.