Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't give up living your life

That flower you gave me at that time!

What?...You don't remember it?

Well, five years has past since then.

You should know that the life of love grows bigger and bigger in the world I live now.

Try to go a river near your place on this sunday.

Someone will come to give you a flower, I'm sure.

Remember to say Yes at this time.
Because I have this big grown love.

It is you who grows it this time.
Promise me.

Don't give up living your life.

By shiko


  1. Dear Shiko,

    This is such a lovely post!
    It made clear to me how important it is to live your life.

    At the moment I feel like giving up...
    i have trouble and argue with boyfriend much.

    These words are like sunshine for my soul.
    I will try not to give up. But be happy~


  2. Dear Aidyl

    Please do not give up your life and your love.

    Nature is on your side.