Monday, August 3, 2009

This is Japanese 50yen.

      SHIKO had been helping people for 25 years in Indonesia.

She sucseeded in many projects to make a dream come true,World Peace.

Foreign media scooped her and her contribution is getting more important in the world.

SHIKO is still working hard even though she must face cancer.

More people who agree her projects are raising their hands to her 50yen charity drive.

This is Japanese 50yen.

50 yen is not enough even to buy sweets in Japan.
Ordinary Japanese children are given 10,000-50,000yen per month by their parents.
It's about 100-500dollars.

SHIKO is asking for 50yen or 0.5cent out of these amount of money.
The donation shall be used to help children in the world.
She is not a member of any group.

She is doing alone.

Never give up ! is my spirit for volunteer.
I'm living life like that.
I'm honoured because I can communicate with people around the world through blog.

My daghter said to me "Enjoy your life as much as you want!".
My peace movement has started just now again.


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