Friday, August 14, 2009

I do not want to die.

I do not want to die by cancer.

It is an examination of cancer this month.

However, it is a little scary.

I want to make the dance movement for peace.


It is every day as for beautiful daybreak.


  1. Hello ! Well I was looking your profile, and I give my drop of love for you, really, and from the fund of my heart. Isn't more say that your blog is pretty cool, and nice.
    Well I expect that you read this, and thank for be my follow, i'm going to be the same, already.
    Good Luck with your movement, and I support you. Forgives my english.
    Good Bay. Love and Peace.

  2. Hello friend ^^ I can understand what you are feeling now! but please take it easy and live peaceful...

    You know our life span is limited, we can live until die (maybe 80-90) or accidentally be died (by traffic accident, diseases or any other kinds of non-predicted events...)

    But the most important thing is how we living; what we doing and as I know you doing good job - volunteer - I respected.

    Please take it easy, do your best to live happily and peacefully everyday ^^

  3. Hey Shiko,

    I saw you continuously have a post for everyday up to this post (20090814), and you don't have any other post from here... I am wondering is there any trouble with you?!

    I hope you ok and safe ^^
    Take care...

  4. Hi...
    I was browsing the blogger universe and... I get here... You have an amazing blog hire, congratulation...
    I love your post about anime, I live in Latin america and I grow up with anime... Latin American people is addictive to anime...
    I want to go to Japan... At least one time in my human live.

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  6. Hello Shiko,

    Today, when opening my blog, looking at follower list I saw you ^-^ I am happy to see you coming back (^-*) How is about your health? is everything ok?

  7. Hi Shiko Sherman,
    You Never die, your spirit lives on in people you've touched with your soul...Shiko never die.I TEACH ABOUT SHIKO.I teach about botoh.