Friday, June 19, 2009

I can

I am a contemporary dancer ,SHIKO.

I'm 52 years old and people say that I look like being in 40s.

My daughter tole me that.

I don't feel lonely, hardship or sorrow now.

I was ready to die a year and half ago.

I abondoned my children.

They have different fathers.

My mother says she loves my children.

I was not busy with my job.I was good in health.I was not rich.

I wanted to be disturbed by anybody.

I left Japan for Indonesia to do volunteer.

My youngest child cried looking at me.

I told good bye.
I didn't hug or tell good words.
I did all I could do for Indonesia and forgot about my family in Japan.

All I had was only half a million yen to travel Bali to Djakarta.
I made friends. A eight year old child taught me how to speak Indonesian.

Please prepare your hankerchiel,world.
This is the story of comedy , hardship, sorrow and etc.

A book will be published soon in Japan.

I hope you are reading this.

For my peace movement.

One hour hs past since I started writing.

Let's enjoy my time. It is what I chose to do.

Such a mother came back to Japan!
Family was happy? surprised?pucker?

My eighty four mother was right.

I was caught in a cancer.

I started abusing everything after that.

I mailed to my members of WIDIA and children in Indonesia.

I rejected everything.

I wanted to die many time with consciousness of the loser.

I analyzed myself.
I was suffered for bitterness and sorrow.

Somethig happeded in Indonesia is happening now again.
I wanted someone to help me.
There waa a flower.It was a present from my youngest child.
I was looking at it.

I realized suddenly.

I huged my family ,not anyone else.

I abondeded my children twice.

I make my body to learn MAI.

My friend named my dance "MAI of life"

My volunteer spirit is never finished yet.

I do it because nobody does it.

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