Monday, September 13, 2010

This is "正仙” syosen

I devoted myself to YAKUZA for about 20years after quitting a right-wing organization which I joined at the age of 15.

My last imprisonment was 10years ago.

I read a book “Conversations with God”, which had me opened my eyes towards spiritual world and decided not to have a relation with YAKUZA after released.

Since then, I practiced Shingon Buddhism at its temple and kept training for another six months because I had a strong interest in studies of deities and spirituality. After those trainings and Denboukanjo(伝法潅頂)-this is to be certified as acharya-ceremony at a historical temple in Kyoto, I became a Shingon priest.

But I feel unsatisfied with only being a priest. I mastered Qigong and got a license of reconnective healing practitioner. And I am learning Clairvoyance too.

We are living in the era of difficulties which common senses don’t work!

I always keep in my mind to heal the people who are struggling in the darkness
and let them notice wonderful light by the power of Love, powerful healing, counseling and lectures.

I do the performance with him.

     by shiko


  1. What a impressive life.

  2. 親愛なる ρομπερτ

    はい。 彼は 人生に自分をかけ 人々を救っています。


  3. Excellent photos and blgi is pretty complex. Again showed why it is said that photo says more than a thousand words, Thank you for this experience. Come and see the pictures Teuvo blog and leave a comment there. Thank you Teuvo Vehkalahti Suomi Finland

  4. To Teuvo Vehkalahti

    Thank you for your comment.

    I come to your blog.